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Aquafresh RO Service Plans : Starting at Just Rs.299/-

RO Care in Lucknow offers exceptional RO service plans. With our comprehensive plans, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional maintenance and servicing of their RO water purifiers.

Routine Service

Rs. 299/-
ro repair service

RO Repair Service​

Rs. 399/-
ro installation service

RO Installation

Rs. 499/-

Aquafresh AMC Plans : Starting at Just Rs.2400/-

RO Care in Lucknow offers exceptional RO AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) plans. With our comprehensive plans, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional maintenance and servicing of their RO water purifiers.

ro amc services

AMC Plan - 1

Rs. 2400/-
ro amc services

AMC Plan - 2

Rs. 3300/-
ro amc services

AMC Plan - 3

Rs. 4500/-
Frequency Ask Questions

It is recommended to service your Aquafresh RO system every six months to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.


Yes, Aquafresh RO systems are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during the purification process.


While it is possible to install an Aquafresh RO system by yourself, it is recommended to seek professional installation to ensure proper setup and functionality.


The lifespan of Aquafresh RO membranes can vary depending on water quality and usage. On average, they may last anywhere between 2 to 4 years.

Yes, regular maintenance is essential to keep your Aquafresh RO system in optimal condition and ensure its efficient performance.

Aquafresh RO Service in Lucknow: Aquafresh RO Service Center

 Aquafresh RO  in Lucknow offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that you and your family have access to pure and safe drinking water.

The Importance of Clean and Pure Drinking Water
Access to clean and pure drinking water is vital for the overall well-being of individuals. Contaminated water can contain harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other pollutants that can lead to various health issues. By investing in a reliable water purification system like Aquafresh RO, you can protect yourself and your family from these potential risks.

Understanding Aquafresh RO Systems

Aquafresh RO systems are advanced water purifiers that utilize a multi-stage purification process to remove impurities and contaminants from the water. These systems employ Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, which effectively filters out dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and other harmful substances. The result is crystal clear, pure drinking water that is safe for consumption.

Benefits of Aquafresh RO Service in Lucknow

Superior Water Purification: Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow ensures that every drop of water you consume is purified to the highest standards, providing you with safe and healthy drinking water.
Removal of Contaminants: Aquafresh RO systems effectively remove various contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, and chlorine, ensuring the elimination of harmful substances from your drinking water.

Improved Taste and Odor: By removing impurities, Aquafresh RO systems enhance the taste and odor of the water, making it more refreshing and enjoyable to drink.
Convenience and Accessibility: With Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow, you can have a constant supply of purified water right at your fingertips, eliminating the need for purchasing bottled water or boiling water.
Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in an Aquafresh RO system and availing their service in Lucknow can prove to be cost-effective in the long run compared to the recurring expenses of buying bottled water.
The Process of Aquafresh RO Water Purification
Aquafresh RO systems follow a multi-stage purification process that ensures the removal of different impurities and contaminants. The stages typically include:

Pre-Filtration: The water passes through a pre-filter that removes larger particles and sediments such as dust, dirt, and sand.
Activated Carbon Filtration: The water then passes through activated carbon filters, which eliminate chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and unpleasant odors and tastes.
RO Membrane Filtration: In this stage, the water is forced through a semipermeable RO membrane that effectively removes dissolved solids, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.
Post-Filtration: Finally, the water goes through a post-filter to further enhance its taste and remove any remaining impurities before it reaches your glass.
Maintenance and Servicing of Aquafresh RO Systems
To ensure the optimal performance of your Aquafresh RO system, regular maintenance and servicing are necessary. It is recommended to schedule periodic maintenance visits with Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow. Their expert technicians will inspect and clean the system, replace filters if needed, and address any potential issues to keep your RO system running efficiently.


Why Choose Aquafresh RO Service in Lucknow?

Expertise and Experience: Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow has a team of skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in water purification systems. They can provide reliable and efficient services to meet your specific requirements.
Genuine Spare Parts: Aquafresh RO service uses only genuine spare parts, ensuring the longevity and performance of your RO system.
Timely Servicing: They offer prompt and timely servicing, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted access to purified water.
Customized Solutions: Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow understands that every customer’s needs may vary. They provide personalized solutions and recommendations based on your water quality and consumption patterns.
Customer Support: Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow values customer satisfaction and provides excellent after-sales support. They are just a phone call away to address any queries or concerns you may have. Yes, regular maintenance is essential to keep your Aquafresh RO system in optimal condition and ensure its efficient performance.


Investing in Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow offers numerous benefits in ensuring the availability of clean, pure, and safe drinking water for you and your family. With their advanced water purification systems and reliable service, you can enjoy the convenience of access to purified water while safeguarding your health. Choose Aquafresh RO service in Lucknow to experience the difference in water quality and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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Benefits of Choosing RO Care in Lucknow

Choosing RO Care in Lucknow offers several benefits that make them the preferred choice for water purifier services. We are a reliable and trusted service provider for all your water purification needs.

Timely Service

Our skilled technicians are committed to providing timely assistance by arriving at your doorstep with the right equipment and expertise to efficiently diagnose and resolve any water purifier issue. With RO Care in Lucknow, you can be sure that your system will be up and running in no time.

100% Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at RO Care in Lucknow. Whether it is maintenance, repair, or installation, RO Care strives to provide a service that completely satisfies and assures the customers of the performance of their water purification system.

24/7 Emergency Service

RO Care in Lucknow offers 24/7 emergency services for water purifiers. Our dedicated team is available round the clock to address any immediate concerns and ensure uninterrupted access to clean drinking water.

5+ Years of Experience

With an experience of 5+ years in the industry, RO Care in Lucknow has established itself as a trusted name in the city. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enable them to handle a variety of models and brands, thereby ensuring that customers receive reliable solutions.


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